Zachary Parker

"Transit Specialty is a group of servant-hearted, fiercely passionate, and motivated visionaries who aren't afraid of a challenge. We wake up each day ready to learn something new and keep forging a path of hope for supply chain leaders."

Zachary Parker

About Zachary Parker

Zachary Parker is the Founder/CEO of Transit Specialty Group, a leading agency specializing in helping supply chain leaders tackle complex operational challenges and unravel the knots of effective risk management. With a passion for problem-solving and a deep commitment to helping others thrive, Zach has built Transit Specialty into a company known for its innovative approach to freight claims and risk management strategies. Throughout his career, Zach has demonstrated a talent for anticipating and mitigating risk and has become a trusted advisor to countless supply chain leaders. With his unwavering commitment to excellence and his love for tackling challenging problems, Zach continues to lead Transit Specialty Group forward, helping organizations navigate the ever-evolving landscape of risk and uncertainty.

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Zachary Parker

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