managing and reducing
Supply Chain Risk

Identifying, managing, and reducing supply chain risk (especially if you have thousands of suppliers) has perhaps never been as relevant as in today’s coronavirus and geo-political-affected world. In fact, most of our clients have signified that they had experienced negative impacts on their supply chains, with key issues outlined ranging from supplier liquidity/insolvency to logistics availability.

A renewed focus on risk management is therefore critical to ensure your business continuity and mitigate the vulnerability of various types of operational, financial, compliance, and industry risks. Transit Specialty Group is comprised of deep experts in global and regional Supply Chain Risk Management, with seasoned subject matter experts. We deliver supply chain optimization, freight claims, risk management, and working capital programs across the supply chain industry.

Freight Claims Management

At Transit Specialty, we understand the difficulties that freight claims can cause. That's why we provide a comprehensive freight claims management service to help you minimize customer dissatisfaction and reduce financial losses. Our full-cycle claims management process begins with filing the initial claim and extends through all the necessary steps to resolution. We accurately assess the claim's value and develop a strategy for getting the maximum reimbursement. Our experienced professionals will handle all negotiations, settlements, and disputes, ensuring you get the maximum amount possible.

Small Parcel Profit Sharing

Our Small Parcel Profit Sharing Program is a unique way of managing your claims without upfront costs or filing fees. By partnering with Transit Specialty, you'll have access to our experienced claims support team, powerful software, and comprehensive data tracking service. This comprehensive solution allows for the efficient and effective management of small parcel claims. Together, we can help you recover lost revenue and maximize your profits.

Risk Management Consulting

We understand the importance of safeguarding businesses against the risks associated with an active supply chain. To this end, we offer a wide range of consulting services, assisting clients in understanding motor carrier compliance, identifying supply chain risks, and strategies to prevent double-brokering. In collaboration with our technology partners, we can integrate various programs into your overall operations and provide training to ensure your team is knowledgeable and up-to-date on deterring operational risks and fraudulent transactions.

Process Improvement

Working together as a partner, we help you analyze what's working, what's not working, and how we can jointly make improvements in your existing claims and risk management processes. We use our expertise to provide practical solutions tailored to your organization's needs and continue to monitor the effectiveness of the process improvement measures over time to ensure they are consistently working as intended. Our process improvement service is designed to help organizations increase productivity, reduce costs, and improve customer satisfaction

Post Cycle Claims Audit

Our post-cycle claims audit services offer clients the opportunity to recover lost money and denied or undervalued claim settlements without any upfront costs or risk. We thoroughly review your freight claims to identify errors and missed opportunities.  We analyze all relevant data and documents, including carrier invoices, backup documents, and identify billing and payment processing discrepancies. With our post-cycle claims audit service, you get the peace of mind of knowing that no claim was overlooked or left under/unpaid.

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