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Deep-rooted in the logistics industry, our team of skilled supply chain professionals is dedicated to improving client profitability and operational efficiency through effective freight claims management and freight invoice auditing solutions.

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Eliminate hassles. Work globally. Scale effortlessly.

Managing risks, claims, and losses across multiple global locations requires significant infrastructure and resource investment. However, outsourcing these activities to a trusted partner often improves efficiency.

Transit Specialty supports logistics leaders of every size, type, and geography in meeting supply chain demands while reducing costs and overhead through our third-party freight claims administration activities. From claims management, salvage, and dispute resolution, Transit Specialty offers efficient TPA solutions to save you time and money.

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visibility & analytics

Industry-leading data and analytics program.

At our core, we recognize that data becomes valuable when it drives program improvement. Our freight claims service is supported by a strong base of state-of-the-art data and analytics, utilized to refine and enhance service delivery throughout the claim process. Our devoted team applies these insights across entire programs for optimal outcomes.

As a company dedicated to ongoing advancement, we consistently explore innovative ways to examine data, reveal insights, and share our discoveries with clients.


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