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The logistics industry is riddled with complexities and variables, ranging from density and rate calculations to accessorial charges and beyond. The effectiveness of your freight audit solution can be the determining factor between profit and loss.

Transit Specialty's advanced Freight Audit & Payment solution precisely classify freight, authenticates rates, guarantees the correct application of discounts and accessorials, and confirms the inclusion of suitable fees and tariffs.

By choosing Transit Specialty, you opt for a committed partner, not just a service. We deliver exceptional value through tailored analytics that pinpoints trends, evaluate alternative carrier costs, and estimate total savings or optimized expenses. Our all-encompassing approach reaches the SKU level, uncovering the true cost of serving each customer with every product they purchase.



Utilizing our extensive expertise in the supply chain sector, we uncover hidden opportunities that may have gone unnoticed. These subtle savings, achieved through systematic changes, can substantially affect your bottom line.

Transit Specialty's AI solutions offer a versatile solution, unbiased towards data or industry, encompassing thousands of carriers globally. Regardless of your shipping requirements, we can assist your company in attaining organizational enhancement.

Experience a smarter way to protect your supply chain.

Unlock the potential of advanced risk management solutions for seamless and secure logistics.

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We consistently invest in our people, processes, and technology to convert logistics data into actionable insights and prescriptive analytics—the essential elements for empowering our clients to become smarter shippers.

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Freight Claims

Managing risks, claims, and losses across multiple global locations requires significant infrastructure and resource investment. However, outsourcing these activities to a trusted partner often improves efficiency.

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Don't let supply chain volatility, complexity, and ambiguity threaten your profitability. Rely on Transit Specialty as your strategic advantage to navigate uncertain times and become a more intelligent shipper.

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