Who We Are &
Why It Matters.

Deep-rooted in the logistics industry, our team of skilled supply chain professionals is dedicated to improving client profitability and operational efficiency through effective freight claims management and freight invoice auditing solutions.

our story

Fostering Supply Chain Excellence through Collaborative Strategies.

Established in 2022, Transit Specialty Group emerged from our Founder, Zach Parker's vision to revolutionize the logistics industry by addressing the limitations posed by legacy software and out-of-control processes.

Zach's commitment to placing data at the core of claims management led to the creation of a company that has since experienced significant growth and evolution. Since our inception in the Spring of 2022, our service offerings have expanded, our team has grown, and our capabilities have expanded.

Today, we remain dedicated to our central company mission: Streamlining the claims process by equipping logistics leaders with a data-driven, SaaS-based claims solution that enables intelligent decision-making and expedites accurate claim settlements.

This mission lies at the heart of our pledge to consistently deliver value to our clients by optimizing their claims management processes.

Experience a smarter way to protect your supply chain.

Unlock the potential of advanced risk management solutions for seamless and secure logistics.

Zachary Parker

CEO & Founder

Efficiency is the catalyst that turns claims management into business growth. By streamlining claims processes and optimizing supply chains,
we transform challenges into opportunities, where each claim becomes a stepping stone towards building a stronger and more prosperous future.

Sam Evans

CEO & Founder

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OUR values

The driving force
behind everything
we do.

We are passionate about our team.

We're a diverse, high-minded group dedicated to driving our company's growth and culture. We're fun and quirky but serious about outcomes. Committed to our mission and mantra, we seek exceptional minds to join us on our journey to revolutionize how supply chains handle risk.

We always challenge the status quo.

We don't settle for mediocrity. We fiercely compete to be the best, setting high standards for ourselves and exceeding client expectations. We prioritize honest communication, taking ownership of setbacks, and constantly striving to deliver the perfect client experience.

Our mission is to be our client's #1 partner.

Our exceptional service sets us apart from other risk management companies. Clients rely on us as experts and partners, not just vendors. We're obsessed with our clients and strive to be viewed as an extension of their teams.

We will always do whatever it takes.

Gritty individuals persevere through challenges and stay committed to their goals. A person with true grit doesn't make excuses or shift blame but instead innovates, tests, and learns. Together, we overcome obstacles and keep moving forward.

We learn, improve, and succeed together.

To win, the best ideas emerge from rigorous debate involving all major team players. Disagreements are welcomed, but we accept and remain committed once a decision is made. It's essential to defend the decision and explain why it's right to other team members.

Integrity is mandatory, regardless of the situation or circumstance.

The rule is simple: Do the right thing, even if it's difficult. Follow your conscience and take action, particularly when nobody is watching.