Leading the future of freight claims management.
Leading the future of
freight claims management.
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Zachary Parker

Freight Claims. Simplified.

As a nationwide claims consulting and management agency, we bring big energy and innovation to logistics, providing businesses with an unparalleled approach to handling freight claims.

Our agency comes from humble entrepreneurial beginnings, and we know first-hand how difficult it is to untangle the knots of complexity. We’re passionate about handling more than an amorphous ‘collection’ of claim numbers, but more so the relationships and values that create a competitive advantage throughout the process. 

It’s not just about solving inefficient complexities or implementing the right solutions. It’s also about how it’s done. We build relationships on a practical framework of collaboration, understanding, and respect. Our unwavering partnership changes the operational heartbeat for clients whose success is measured through fewer claims, increased recoveries, and sustainable customer and carrier relationships. 


Clients stay with us because we build deep, long-lasting relationships by creating flexible, custom-tailored solutions that deliver value and improvement year after year.


I’ve spent the last decade understanding the process of claims management, innovative strategies, and cultivating valuable industry relationships. As we embark on our journey to revolutionize the claims process, I welcome you to jump on board and experience a change in a  more efficient operational heartbeat. 

1650471887565 (1)

Zachary Parker