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Transit Specialty Group brings big energy and innovation to logistics, providing leaders with an unparalleled approach to freight claims management.

Our experience in both logistics and insurance allows our clients to gain visibility, actionable data, and a higher rate of claim recovery. We’ve spent the last decade understanding the claims lifecycle, improving processes, and developing strategies for some of the biggest names in logistics.

Our clients quickly experience a change in operational heartbeat measured through fewer claims, increased recoveries, and sustainable strategies, all supported through our innovative and consistent approach. Together we can accomplish unparalleled results while untangling the knots of complex and underperforming processes.

Zachary Parker

Principal – Transit Speciality Group



Leveraging our experience with the biggest names in logistics and insurance, we continue to adapt our solutions to help simplify the vast array of issues facing our clients today. Our comprehensive freight claims management solutions focus on mitigating and reducing risks and losses, protecting brand reputations, and containing costs that can impact the bottom line.

Reporting & Analytics

Reporting & Analytics

See where losses are occurring and take steps to eliminate poor-performing carriers and make supply chain improvements.

Accessibility & Technology

Accessibility & Technology

Web-based freight claims application for real-time visibility for claim filing, data reporting, and document maintenance.

Survey & Salvage

Survey & Salvage

Loss or damages can occur anywhere; our team coordinates surveys and product salvage with our vast network on your behalf.

Education & Consulting

Education & Consulting

Dedicated claim professionals to train and provide support on claim process and cargo legal liability issues.


We know freight claims

As transport and logistics specialists, we’ve seen almost every type of freight claim you can imagine. Transit Specialty Group maintains one of the industry’s largest independent networks of freight claim operations, offering efficient, competitive, and consistent service capabilities.

Our service commitment is a clear measurement of the level of service our clients can expect. We conduct regular customer surveys to ensure we act on feedback and meet the growing needs of our clients.

We also ensure:

  • We maintain a consistent and fair approach to claims handling.
  • Handle claims efficiently while adhering to best claims practices.
  • 100% electronic claim files and a live performance dashboard.
  • Claims handling protocols and tailored consulting services.

Transit Specialty Group has unparalleled experience in effective freight claims management. This wealth of experience brings you:

  • Experience in helping you to avoid unnecessary risks.
  • A single source of knowledge, readily available.
  • Support from surveyors, lawyers, and other experts as needed.

Our technology platforms were developed based on experience with clients in the logistics and insurance industries. Collaborating with some of the biggest industry names, Transit Specialty delivers superior technology solutions with unparalleled capabilities and expertise. Information fuels informed decisions, so we put the right tools and data in your hands to drive better business decisions.


Our Process

Resolving a freight claim can be complex and require specialized knowledge to successfully obtain recovery. However, even when armed with the right tools and knowledge, many underestimate the steps to resolution.

Collaborating with clients is essential to bringing an effective process to fruition. Through a three-phased approach, we work to understand business needs before implementing and supporting a strategy that restores confidence in the freight claims process.

We complete an opportunity and lightweight risk analysis, running collaborative discussions to understand how to best support your operational goals and overcome complex obstacles.
Collaboratively, we implement strategies to enhance and streamline the claims workflow that fosters optimal results.
Our team is there every step of the way providing your team with the best support as we begin working through your claims portfolio!


What the Industry is Saying

(Zach) has accomplished so much in a very short period of time. I am so impressed with his negotiation skills on behalf of our clients his professionalism, and his ability to "just get it done".
Christie B
Regional VP
Zach played a critical part in the customer retention process. He is the kind of guy that lights up a room with his positivity. I really enjoyed interacting with Zach, and I truly appreciated his light-hearted manner and easy-going nature that made the high-stakes claims process seem like a cake walk
Matthew C
Business Development Leader
Zach has been a pleasure to work with. I truly enjoyed his positive and energetic personality. Definitely a great mediator to find quick resolutions demonstrating strong communication skills and a let's get the job done attitude. Self motivated, dependable, and a great teammate
Hilka S.
Account Manager


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